Task Due Date Team member Status
Working IFF table at open house (Sun 5:15) Aug 24th Rick/Paul Done
Secure additional Feast Week Sponsors Aug 29th Raul/Nick
Create Sponsor Thank You Letters Aug 26th Raul/Kim Done
Build sponsor recognition packages Aug 26th Raul/Nick Done
Build financial report template Aug 26th Nick
Recruit Volunteers Aug 26th Michele
Create Volunteer Thank You Letters Aug 26th Michele/Kim
Schedule volunteer training Aug 1st Michele/Bill Done
Schedule vendor meeting Aug 8th Michele/Bill Done
Schedule manager training Aug 1st Michele/Bill Done
Working IFF table at open house (Sat 5:15) Aug 23rd Jody Done
Hospitality serving plan Aug 26th Don and Lorraine
Cantor Announcement script Aug 26th Cat/Kteen/Bill
Create Vendor Thank You Letters Aug 26th Cat/Kim
tent signage Aug 26th Cat/Jody
Pope photo station Aug 26th Cat/Jody
Build Display for Vendors Aug 26th Cat/Jody
Create VIP parking passes Aug 26th Cat/Bill/Kteen Done
Create Vendor Parking Passes Aug 26th Cat/Bill/Kteen Done
Create event program with voting stuff Sept 9th Cat/Bill/Kteen
Build press kit Aug 26th Cat/Bill/Kteen
Food Vendor Instructions Aug 8th Cat/Bill Done
Compile vendor needs Aug 8th Cat
Raffle prize process Aug 26th Brett/Bill/Kim
Finalize entertainment schedule Aug 26th Brett
Secure additional raffle prizes Sept 3rd Bobby
Check Cathedral WIFI outside Aug 15th Bill/Kim
Secure First Aid Kit Oct 1st Bill/Kim
Process for count out Aug 26th Bill/Kim
Complete LS layout Aug 4th Bill/Cat/Kteen/Amy Done
Post on public calendars/sites/Catholic VA/Faith in VA Aug 15th Bill/Cat/Kteen/Amy
Clean up content on sites Aug 15th Bill/Cat/Kteen/Amy
Vendor Package Aug 7th Bill/Cat 50%
Finish trophy Aug 5th Bill/Cat
Build booth voting survey/station Aug 26th Bill/Cat
Finalize print work (placement map) Aug 26th Bill/Cat
Get more water/sodas Sept 23rd Bill/Cat
Drop off food at TV stations Sept 24th Bill and whoever
Dumpster Permit Aug 15th Bill Done
Event Map Aug 5th Bill Done
Rutherford Sponsorship Aug 8th Bill Done
Order street closure equipment Aug 15th Bill Done
build people counters Aug 3rd Bill
Order more tickets Aug 15th Bill Done
Build guest survey Aug 26th Bill
Order remaining PFG supplies Aug 26th Bill
Build event/inventory form Aug 26th Bill
Send in fire application Aug 4th Bill Done
Poles for outdoor signs Aug 15th Bill
Build work order scripts Aug 26th Bill
Locate no parking signs Aug 26th Bill
Locate permit parking only signs Aug 26th Bill
Finalize Beer Order Aug 26th Bill
Finalize Dumpster/Port-o-Pot order Sept 15th Bill
Confirm cops Sept 30th Bill
Rent Camera for B-Roll Oct 3rd Bill
Create Parking Volunteer Guidelines Aug 26th Bill Done
Order tables and chairs Aug 8th Bill Done
Print Safety and Accident Forms Aug 26th Bill
Charge radios Oct 2nd Bill
Buy batteries for radios Aug 15th Bill
Reach out to media outlets Sept 22nd Bill
Distribute posters/flyers Sept 1st All
Bring in Personal Tents Sept 28th All