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International Food Festival 

The Cathedral’s International Food Festival mission is to create
a cultural community event that celebrates the unique diversity
of the Catholic Diocese of Richmond.

The International Food Festival is a gathering of the Richmond Diocese community to celebrate our diversity with the people of Richmond. The diversity of our community represents the diversity found in Richmond. Our culturally diverse Catholic community consists of approximately five million parishioners. We’re showcasing this cultural diversity by featuring international cuisines and entertainment.  Hosted by the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, the event takes place on the grounds surrounding the Cathedral. This event attracts Richmond residents and visitors from all over the region.

Our previous events have provided the community an opportunity to gather for an exciting family event. Non-profit missions gathering to support our event are provided an opportunity to further their missions.

The core value for our event will continue to support the mission to celebrate the diversity within our community. We’ll stay true to this mission by focusing the support of our event through missions representing their cultural diversity.